Born in the Bay Area of San Francisco on July 9, 1947, O.J. Simpson went from humble beginnings to nationwide stardom.

He eventually died at the age of 76 from prostate cancer, surrounded by his loved ones in his Las Vegas, Nevada home.

O.J. was a standout running back for the University of Southern California, where he won the prestigious Heisman Trophy following the extraordinary 1968 season.

As the NFL’s first-ever 2,000-yard rusher, he led the NFL in that category in 1973 and set a new standard.

His trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994 became a national media sensation.

Although acquitted of murder in 1995, Simpson was found liable for their deaths in a 1997 civil case, resulting in a $33.5 million judgment against him.

Simpson's involvement in a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas, aimed at retrieving personal memorabilia, led to a conviction and nine-year prison sentence.

He was a father to five children, enduring personal tragedy with the death of his toddler son, Aaren, in a drowning accident.

Beyond sports, O.J. enjoyed a successful career in entertainment, notably appearing in the "Naked Gun" film series and various television commercials.