"King's Crossroads: Will      LeBron retire?"

"King's Crossroads: Will      LeBron retire?"

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After  a loss in the Western Conference finals, LeBron James hinted at doubts      about his LA Lakers future .

Accumulated playtime and injuries, including a lingering groin issue, have contributed to LeBron's physical wear and tear.

Sports      commentators suggest LeBron's goal to play with  his son Bronny makes retirement      unlikely, even if that means a year of preparation .

Doctors suggest LeBron needs foot surgery; he might undergo this operation during the offseason.

LeBron  could opt for surgery and dedicate next year to recovery from that and      other injuries .

Bronny's      potential professional debut after one college season aligns with LeBron's      contract, enabling a possible joint team play.

 But  if LeBron retires under contract, Lakers retain his Bird Rights,      influencing his future team decision

Retiring      would mean LeBron missing out on a significant upcoming season salary,      affecting his potential team move.

 So    to conclude, James aspiration to play alongside his son, Bronny, makes      retirement seem unlikely, but not impossible .