New York Stock Exchange, 1835  The great Fire of New York occurred in 1835 causing extensive damage to the region of the New York Stock Exchange. This incident had a significant impact on the financial sector in New York.

Bombay Stock Exchange, 1899 and 1980  One of Asia's oldest stock exchanges suffered with fires in 1899 &1980. The 1980 fire particularly damaged, destroyed records and caused severe disruptions to trading activities.

London Stock Exchange, 1940  During World War II, a direct hit by a German bomb caused fires at the London Stock Exchange that led to considerable damage, though the Exchange was quickly operational again.

Toronto Stock Exchange, 1904  The Great Toronto Fire in 1904 affected the Toronto Stock Exchange building. Post-fire rebuilding efforts significantly shaped this financial district's current architecture

Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 1944  In another World War II-related incident, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was heavily damaged by Allied bombings. The fire from the bombings destroyed Germany's financial infrastructure.

Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1923  The great Kanto Earthquake which resulted afterwards fires in 1923 caused extensive damage to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Copenhagen Stock Exchange, 2024 Recently, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange experienced a severe fire. This led to the collapse of its historical spire, reminiscent of the Notre Dame fire in its dramatic impact on a historic building