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What Are Sodium Chloride Injection Uses & Price in 2024 ?

A sterile vial of saline solution, prominently labeled as containing sodium chloride, resting on a medical tray. The scene includes medical equipment for sodium chloride injection use and price

Sodium chloride injection used in medical system are commonly known as saline injections. These are sterile solutions used in medical settings for a variety of purposes.

The solution is mainly consists of sodium chloride (salt) and water. Quantity of salt in solution is same as the  the concentration of salts in the body (isotonic solution).

Sodium Chloride Injection Uses

These injections are crucial by fulfilling many needs in medical setup like as hydrating patients, diluting medications for proper dosing, and serving as a vehicle for other medicines

Sodium chloride injections have multiple uses in clinical medicine:

Sodium Chloride Injection USP

“USP” here stands for United States Pharmacopeia. IT sets the standards for quality, purity, strength, and consistency in medicines medical field in the United States. Sodium chloride injection USP ensures that the this product meets strict but very correct guidelines.

For a USP standard sodium chloride solution the normal concentration is 0.9%. It is isotonic with the body’s fluid composition.

So it safe for a wide range of medical purposes without causing significant shifts in fluid balance.

Sodium Chloride Injection Price

The price of sodium chloride injections vary based on factors like brand, volume, and purchasing source (hospital vs. retail).

 A typical 1000 mL bag of 0.9% sodium chloride injection might cost between $5 to $15 in the United States.

Pricing are often influenced by production costs, distribution logistics, and competitive market dynamics.

VolumePrice RangeSupplier
100 mL$1 – $2Generic Brands
500 mL$2.50 – $5Generic Brands
1000 mL$3 – $6Generic Brands

Sodium Chloride Shot

The term “sodium chloride shot” is often used for a small dose of sodium chloride injection administered. It is usually used for small injection to deliver dose of medication or restore electrolyte balance.

Note *This article is for informational purposes only .It is not intended as any medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider

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