Jared Leto Tricks ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans with April Fools’ Day Host Prank Before Hitting the iHeartRadio Music Awards

The one which has since left many amused and in awe is academy award winner Jared Leto took it upon himself to turn up unannounced on the set of the popular game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, literally ‘in character’ as their iconic host, Pat Sajak, for a very believable April Fools’ Day gag. Chameleonic Hollywood roles and the Thirty Seconds to Mars rock band have briefly taken over hosting duties by pranking the audience and the contestants at 52 years old.

The show started with Leto being introduced “arm-in-arm” with Vanna White, the show’s long-time co-host, as “Stars of the show”, mocking the regular hosts of entries Sajak and White usually do. Then Leto, channelling his inner Sajak, broke away from White and took his place at the podium, saying with a wide smile, “All right, everybody, grab those devices; it’s time to give away some money. $1,000 and our first toss-up category is on the map.” The charade was short-lived, quickly reverting to its normal programming at the time when Pat Sajak resumed his hosting duties, never to be mentioned again.

This follows Leto, who walked the red carpet at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards alongside the prank demonstration of “The Actor,” who has wowed fans in literally the most out-of-the-box ways. And this is not the first meeting of Leto with the “Wheel of Fortune.” Last fall, the actor, together with his brother Shannon, who is the drummer of Thirty Seconds to Mars, participated in the shooting of the program as a participant. They even showed some light-hearted rivalry with Sajak in their episode and announced their band’s world tour in 2024 in a finished puzzle of the show.

He is versatile—a man of art—who gave a lot not only to the film and music industry but also possesses an Academy and Screen Actors Guild Award in his name: Jared Leto. His roles in movies such as “Girl, Interrupted,” “Fight Club,” “American Psycho,” and “Requiem for a Dream” further acknowledged his inflexible name. At the same time, his musical career, with Thirty Seconds to Mars, which he founded with brother Shannon, has gathered a following from across the globe.

First is the “Wheel of Fortune,” then the “iHeartRadio Music Awards,” and the rest of the public where Leto appeared with some other different talent and ability to involve people not only in music, acting, but also for totally unexpected TV appearances.

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