When is Easter :Easter Dates from 2024 to 2030

Easter is one of the focal moments in the life of a Christian throughout the world. The holiday reflects the resurrection and life returning by Jesus Christ, celebrated on the first day of the week after the paschal full moon, falling on the 14th day of the paschal month of the lunar calendar.

This means that Easter can fall anywhere from the 22nd of March to the 25th of April. As it is of great importance, many traditions are linked with this event, so hence its date is often looked upon to plan religious, community, and family events. Below are the dates for Easter from 2024 to 2030, providing a handy reference for early planning.

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When is Easter in:

2024: Easter Sunday will fall on March 31.

2025: Easter Sunday is observed on April 20.

2026: Celebrate Easter on April 5.

2027: Easter will be commemorated on March 28.

2028: Easter Sunday is set for April 16.

2029: The celebration will occur on April 1.

2030: Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 21.

Knowing the answer to your query of when is easter gives plenty of time for a person to thoughtfully plan the events which celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In its turn, these dates are very important to be able to plan everything from big religious services and community Easter egg hunts down to those smaller and more intimate family gatherings. This means the churches and organizations through members of families can mark their calendars very early and ensure that Easter would have been celebrated with as much respect and joy as is required.

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